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A sick or injured pet should never have to go without veterinary care just because that care is expensive. With our partners, we offer curated plans for the modern pet parent, where personalized protection meets intelligent comparison.

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Tell Us About Your Pets

Whether you're a proud parent to a playful puppy or a caring parent to your friendly feline, basic information can help us find the right plan for your pet's needs. Your pets' breed and age, as well as where you and your pet live, have the biggest impact on your insurance rates, so we ask for this information right off the bat.

Provide the Details

To truly personalize your experience, we'll ask you some questions about their diet, exercise and play habits, and medical history. These answers can guide us in providing personalized recommendations tailored to ensure the well-being of your furry family members. Rest assured, the information you provide will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

View Recommended Plans

After gathering insights about your pets and their specific needs, we will present a curated selection of recommended plans. We suggest you browse through the options presented to compare the benefits and choose the plan that best aligns with your pet's needs and your expectations. If you have any questions, feel free to ask for support from our team of specialists.


Once you find the right plan for your furry friend, click the enroll button next to your preferred policy. We’ll direct you over to the insurer’s page so you can finalize your enrollment.

What can be covered?

Our partners offer coverage encompassing exam fees, diagnostics, and treatment, including advanced options like chemotherapy and surgery, as well as unexpected choices such as stem-cell therapy and acupuncture.

Vet Exam Fees

Cover the costs of essential vet examination fees, ensuring your pet's health is a top priority without the financial burden.


Accident coverage handles expenses for injuries and emergencies, covering torn ligaments, bite wounds, cuts, broken bones, lodged foreign objects, and toxic ingestions.


Recover costs for major and minor illnesses, from cancer and arthritis to allergies, hypothyroidism, digestive problems, and UTIs, with illness coverage.

Hereditary & Congenital Conditions

Cover the expenses of inherited conditions and birth defects that surface later in your pet's life, including heart disease, IVDD, eye disorders, and hip dysplasia.

Behavioral Issues

Manage vet visit expenses for concerning behaviors linked to anxiety or compulsive behavior.

Emergencies & Hospitalizations

Accidents and emergencies can happen at any time, and the cost of emergency veterinary care can be very high.

How Can I Get Started?

Our coverage encompasses exam fees, diagnostics, and treatment, including advanced options like chemotherapy and surgery, as well as unexpected choices such as stem-cell therapy and acupuncture.

Tailored Coverage for Specific Needs

Pet parents can customize insurance plans to match their pet's specific health needs, ensuring they're not paying for coverage they don't require while focusing on areas essential for their furry friend.

Discounts for Regular Vet Checkups

Some insurance plans offer discounts for regular check-ups; by scheduling consistent vet visits, pet parents can benefit from cost savings while keeping their pet's health in check.

Multi-Pet Discounts

If the household has more than one pet, selecting a plan that offers multi-pet discounts can significantly reduce overall insurance costs.

Helping You
Cover the Tail End.

From routine, preventative care at the vet to emergency treatment, PetPremium’s insurance partners can help you focus on your pet’s health instead of worrying about your bank account.

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Exam fees, blood work, lab work, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, x-rays, urinalysis, and more.


Outpatient, specialty and emergency care, including surgery and hospitalization.


Increase your pet’s wellness with flea, tick, and heartworm prevention coverage, and any injections needed.

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Asked Questions
You have questions. We have answers.
Most pet insurance plans use a reimbursement model with a coverage limit, where the insurance company pays you back for veterinary care after you meet your deductible. You can lower your monthly premium by decreasing your reimbursement rate, increasing your deductible, or decreasing your coverage limit. Some plans offer benefits including 100% reimbursement rates, $0 deductibles, unlimited coverage, and discounts for annual payments.
PetPremium uses data and technology to help you find comprehensive, personalized coverage for your pet. Our data-driven algorithm uses millions of data points including age, breed, weight, lifestyle, environment, and more to customize your insurance plan based on your pet's unique health profile. From our pet partnerships with the leading insurers to our intelligent comparisons, we help you navigate the different plans, premiums, and prices to help you find the most effective and efficient insurance so that you never pay for benefits you don't need or leave gaps for when you do. Plus, our intelligent AI Pet Assistant, Scout, is here with smart suggestions to guide you through the process, eliminate the guesswork, and help you make informed decisions about adjustable and affordable pet insurance so that you can enjoy personalized protection and peace of mind.
The best insurance gives you the most coverage at the lowest price with policies tailored to your pet’s specific breed, lifestyle, and more. From the city-dwelling dog to the country pet navigating wide-open spaces, every pet is unique and lives in an environment that creates distinct challenges and health risks. The best insurance offers just the right type and amount of coverage so that you never overpay or underinsure your pet. At PetPremium, we believe the best pet insurance also uses millions of data points to find the perfect policy for your pet without filling out countless forms on insurance websites, calling different pet care providers, and sorting through hundreds of options. The best insurance not only enhances the bond between pets and their parents but also impacts and improves the whole pet care community. The best pet insurance also helps you spend less time, money, and worry on claims. Our simple pet insurance claims processing platform lowers the burden and cost of responsible pet ownership, making life with your pet easier and more enjoyable with seamless integration into the pet care journey.
We are not an insurance company. PetPremium is an independent pet insurance marketplace and recommendation engine created to improve the lives of everyone in the pet care community. We partner with the industry’s leading pet insurance companies to help you find the best coverage for your unique pet at the lowest cost. We also connect pet parents and providers with online pharmacies, convenient shopping platforms, and innovative pet care solutions. PetPremium is the middleman between pet parents and insurance companies, here to help process your insurance claims, simplify the complexities of finding the right pet insurance, and streamline the pet care journey so that you can get back to enjoying life with your pet.
There are three main types of pet insurance: accident only, accident and illness, and wellness plans. Standard pet insurance policies are less expensive and cover unexpected accidents and illnesses. Some insurance plans also cover hereditary conditions, prescription medication, and alternative therapies. Wellness plans cost a bit more and cover routine and preventative care. Most plans exclude pre-existing conditions. However, specialist insurers may provide more expensive coverage for medical conditions with more restrictions than a standard policy.
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